Pest management & plant enhancement technologies

Since 2017, BioLogical Ag has been providing holistic, science-based ecology solutions to Australian horticulture growers. Our effective biological control solutions offer a softer environmental impact than traditional pesticides.  

Based in one of Queensland’s largest agriculture-producing regions, the Darling Downs, BioLogical Ag is exposed first-hand to the constraints of horticulture growers in the region and other growing regions throughout Australia.

Working with farmers to provide holistic ecology solutions

Our specially sourced lures, traps, and mating disruption products attract and kill insects and pathogens that are negatively impacting the productivity and profitability of Australian growers. 

Through a rigorous discovery process, we uncover constraints growers are having in their fields and zones. We then consult with the farmer to develop a holistic strategy that will adhere to their current IPM systems and target specific pests and pathogens.

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  • Keith Danckwerts


    Bachelor of Agriculture (Agricultural Economics) from the University Of Natal Pietermaritzburg  

    Keith began his agricultural career in 1995 in the fertiliser industry, moving into biological control solutions in 2009. 

    In his 27+ year-long career, Keith has experience working in biological pesticides and integrated pest management, with more than nine years working with fruit fly control, moth monitoring and insect control products.

    Moving to Australia in 2017, Keith saw a gap in the Australian horticulture market in the ecological and environmental science space for pest & pathogen management.

    Seeing the opportunity to bring ecological solutions to Australian growers, Keith partnered with Paul Meibusch in 2017 to start BioLogical Ag. 

    Passionate about working alongside farmers to find solutions that satisfy their unique requirements, Keith enjoys bringing less severe pest control products and plant enhancement technologies to the Australian horticulture industry.

  • Paul Meibusch

    Co-Founder & Director 

    Bachelor of Rural Science from the University of New England, Graduate Diploma of Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Science from the University of New England, Master of Business Administration (MBA), (Commercialisation, Marketing &Business Strategy) from the Australian National University.   

    With more than 30 years of experience in the agriculture industry, Paul’s repertoire of work includes managing the commercial projects portfolio for the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), research management, insecticides, and ecology solutions development. 

    With broad experience working in vegetable seeds, technology and agricultural chemistry, Paul has worked across nearly all sectors of the agricultural industry. 

    Recognising the need for softer environmental biopesticide options, Paul and Keith began BioLogical Ag in 2017.

    Paul’s passion for partnering with farmers to find results-based solutions that provide the best possible outcome for their crops, Paul works to highlight the importance of science-based solutions in different growing regions.

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